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Welcome to World Wild Federation

World Wild Federation is working on the protection of animals and nature.

God has created such a beautiful Planet Earth for us but over the time our planet is losing its natural beauty and charm. It seams our planet is running rapidly towards the end because we humans have:

  • Ended the forests and turned them into deserts.
  • Animals and birds lost their home and most of them become endangered species.
  • Poisoned the air with polluting gases, made clean air difficult to find and making birds, animals and humans prone to respiratory problems.
  • Turned the rivers into drains, filled them with industrial wastage and toxic pollutants, and made them source of deadly diseases for birds and animal
  • Constantly for centuries we have been digging our Earth for taking out oil, stones, metals, water, coal and other minerals; it is making our Earth a big hollow from inside. it is high time to control the use of natural resources

All these issues have been raised due to the mistakes made over the centuries, whose impact cannot be completely reversed. And for long lasting visible changes every single person on the earth have to stand together.
Yes, but there are some steps we can take in our everyday routine to fulfill the responsibilities towards animals, plants, birds and the environment.
WWF is trying for some such conclusions and wants to bring more and more people together with their efforts, so that the effect of our efforts is more than ever.


Anushka Sharma is an active supporter of animal welfare. In the past, Anushka had spoken about how bursting crackers on Diwali and throwing colors on animals on Holi causes harm to animals. She also has a pet dog named Dude and recently, her pet had donated blood to save another dog's life.

Anushka Sharma


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