“Be The Change You Wish To See In The World”

– Mahatma Gandhi

Overall Fund for Nature World, or WWF World, is a preservation association devoted to building a solid living planet for who and what is to come. We do this by embracing a two dimensional way to deal with protection which incorporates Biodiversity Conservation, and Footprint Reduction.

At the worldwide level, the WWF organize has recognized objectives for Biodiversity Conservation and Footprint Reduction.

Priority species:

save-world-wildlifeWorld’s rich biodiversity and novel untamed life are itsgreatest national fortunes. As the world sets out on a program of fast improvement, World’s natural life, including magnetic species, for example, the tiger, elephant, rhino and their living spaces confront the consistent risk of debasement and discontinuity. WWF World’s protection endeavors look to secure long haul survival of World’s natural life and their territories.

Decreasing World’s worldwide impression:

WWF World perceives that the consistently developing human interest for assets is putting gigantic weight on the biodiversity of our common world.

Considering that preservation dangers stem basically from human interest for nourishment, water, vitality and materials, and requirement for infrastructural space, WWF World has been reliably working towards a procedure to suppress the overutilization of the Earth’s common assets. To this end, it trusts that a multi-pronged approach whereby the diverse natural difficulties can be properly tended to.

Basic locales:

One really want to wonder about the fortune trove of biodiversity that India is home to. Inside its limits, the nation is home to a huge number of environmental districts including thick timberlands, wetlands, waterfront regions and hilly landscapes. Since its beginning, WWF-India has been energetic in its endeavors to help ration these basic districts from different weights, through key mediations including key partners.

Empowering agents:

WWF World attempts various natural protection exercises – running from field extends on biodiversity, environmental change, training, arrangement concentrates to backing to preserve the human-condition balance. In doing as such, it looks for the help of six cross-cutting empowering influences:

  • Community for Environmental Law (CEL)
  • Corporate Partnerships
  • Condition Education (EE)
  • Indira Gandhi Conservation Monitoring Center (IGCMC)
  • Maintainable Livelihoods and Governance (SL&G)
  • Activity

Approach and Research:

As World grows quickly, expanding populaces, rising utilization, declining asset bases, environmental change impacts, quick track framework advancement and conceivably more prominent asset clashes will characterize the spaces that we work in. With a specific end goal to have the capacity to handle the difficulties without bounds, outcomes of our activities today, we have to distinguish an advancement worldview which is simply, feasible, impartial and one which regards normal and natural limits.

Little Grants Innovation Program:

The gifts will be utilized to support research and activities which particularly exhibit advancement that is replicable, adaptable and feasible. Around the world, preservationists are utilizing the most recent mechanical advances to have any kind of effect for individuals, untamed life, seas, woodlands and clean water.